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Bonh’s biophilic design contributes to the overall health and well-being of the occupants while also providing a striking visual to any interior


It’s modern, geometric shapes were created to starkly contrast with an infinite variety of plants used to bring the outdoors in


28 Finish Options


Res is a seating solution designed to support the rich exchange of ideas between students and instructors in small to medium sized groups. It is a unique hybrid of designs—combining elements of lounge seating with that of focused task seating to meet the needs of higher education and corporate settings alike. A generously sized rotating tablet surface can be added.  There are several storage areas in and on the chair, for all of the equipment a mobile student carries around: coat hook, cell phone shelf, cup holder, work tablet and a large enclosed compartment for bags beneath the seat. The unique ribbed pattern around the base is to deter graffiti. The rib channels are rounded and shallow for easy cleaning. The interior storage space is sloped and smooth to shed spilled liquids.




ModularArts acoustic wall panels support rigid PET felt baffles, available in seven distinct topographies and various colours. Maximum sound absorption is achieved with parabolic ridges cast into the gypsum panels, designed to reflect sound into the absorbent baffles.

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