Post COVID19 Solutions

Essentials for the New Norm.

Care, Advice & Products

Human behaviours and needs remain the

foundation of great design.

Workplaces will still need healthy collaboration,

but for now, we will need to help our returning

employees and clients maintain safe distances.

Crowd with Masks

Adapt your existing space to manage physical distancing

Advice and recommendations on your space, capacity and communication plans​

Product recommendations to augment your existing furniture to support distancing and added comfort

Temporary walls and partitions to provide physical separate in areas people congregate

Visual aids to support distancing

Protective Barriers & Booths         

Modular Walls & Partitions

Mobile Transforming Workstations & Meeting Rooms     

Distancing Solutions & Sanitation Stations         

Mobile Medical Screening Stations         

Sleeping Pods

+ many other solutions

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Screening Booth Pic 4.jpg